counting_calories Paying attention to your calorie intake will not get you very far unless you pay attention to the structure of energy your body requires.

yo_yo_on_a_plate_dieting_weight_loss_gainHave you ever dieted only to regain lost weight pretty soon? Are there the periods during the year when you naturally gain or lose more weight even without dieting? We have experience with that. It’s called yo-yo dieting or "weight cycling". We also know how to avoid it. In short, "weight cycling" is a repetitive pattern of weight loss and weight gain. Much like a yo-yo, what you discard ends up returning right back at you. With additional disappointment, of course.

For too many people today, maintaining a healthy weight is an ongoing struggle.  They try diet after diet,

fighting an uphill battle of trying to lose weight using tactics that never seem to work.

fat monument woman

I am really happy to see positive body image campaigns getting more popularity and attention lately. As someone who had been struggling with few (and sometimes a lot) extra pounds most of my life, I find comfort in it. These articles and inspirational videos are giving perfect comebacks to the girls who are body-shamed. Because we are.

But I worry about something else: word “fat” being demonized or even worse – being glorified as a positive identity attribute. I refuse to be “fat and beautiful”. I am beautiful and fat. And not phishing for compliments!